News 2018

June 2018

    Joint concert Bradworthy Academy School, Bradworthy Church. Fri 15th Jun 2018 -  Start 07:30 pm

    When I looked back in my records, I could scarce believe that it was in December 2013 that the Torridge choir sang last in Bradworthy church.  Coming back to the here and now of June 2018, it was a lovely bright warm early summer evening, our choir, children of Bradworthy Academy School and a large audience assembled in St John the Baptist church for a concert.  The church bells were rung and on the ropes were three of our choir Fred Poole, Richard Boughton and Malcolm Pike.
    This concert was collaboration between The Torridge Male voice choir and Bradworthy Academy School and, after a brief welcome from the vicar Richard Freeman (TMVC Bass), the baton was passed to our MD Malcolm Pike.  The Torridge first set consisted of three songs and a musical interlude.

      •Chattanooga Choo Choo,
      •Glory to Thee
      •Country Gardens.
      •Quartet:   Franz Joseph Haydn, Trio No: 1 in C Major ‘London’ - Allegro.  Flute Shirleyann Andrews, Viola Josephine Woodcock, Cello Philip Price and piano Malcolm PIke.

    Now, it was the turn of the children from Bradworthy Academy School, there were many of them and all turned out beautifully dressed in uniform. For this set the children sang three songs and didn’t they sing well!

      •How Far I'll Go (Film Moana 2016)
      •Seasons of Love  (Film Rent 1996)
      •Forever Young (ob Dylan 1974)

    Moving on The Torridge came back for a second set of three songs, leading on to an interval and a keenly awaited raffle.

      •Glorious Devon
      • Homeward Bound,
      • Rhythm of Life

    Break over and time for set three from the Torridge choir.  Three songs and a short recitation from Shirleyann and Roger Andrews about marriage and love!

      •Morte Criste, 
      •What Would I Do Without My Music
      •The Stately Homes of England
      •Recitation from Shirleyann & Roger

    Next it was the Bradworthy Academy children to sing their second set of two lovely songs.  At the end the Torridge choir and audience all stood to deliver thunderous applause, simply wonderful.

      •When I Grow Up (Show Matilda 2011)
      •This is Me  (Film The Greatest Showman 2017)

    The concert ended in humorous mood after the Torridge men delivered two rousing renditions, so much enjoyed by our audience.

      •Flash Bang Wallop

    What a delightful evening of entertainment, so much enjoyed by everyone.  Well sung the choirs and thank you St John the Baptist Church for hosting this concert, the Torridge Choir hope to return again soon.   Time for a cup of tea, or something stronger and a chat with friends.

     P1030741 4x3 P1030770 4x3  P1030772 4x3
                     Our audience gathers                     Some Torridge choir members                         Bradworthy Academy School

Andy Atherton June 2018

    Concert at Deer Park Nursing home, Holsworthy, Thu 07th Jun 2018 - start 03:15 pm

    Thursday 7th June 2018, almost a year to the day and the Torridge choir returned to Deer Park in Holsworthy to deliver another afternoon of entertainment for the residents.  Malcolm Pike our Music Director has worked hard to rehearse the choir, and this concert is the first of 2018.  We started slightly later than usual to allow Dan Probert time to finish his work then travel to Holsworthy, a great cheer went up as he arrived.

    The concert opened with evergreen favourite Chattanooga Choo Choo, followed swiftly by Glory to Thee and Country Gardens.  There followed a break from singing while the trio of Shirleyann Andrews, Philip Price and Malcolm Pike played a Flute/Cello/Keyboard piece by Franz Joseph Haydn, Trio No: 1 in C Major ‘London’ - Allegro.  Moving on, towards a short break the choir sang Homeward Bound, Rhythm of Life.  Break over and the next song was the well known Morte Criste, followed by The Stately Homes of England and You Raise Me Up.  Our concert ended in lighter mood with an amusing and rousing rendition of Flash Bang Wallop.

    This was a lovely afternoon’s entertainment, so much enjoyed by everyone; thank you Deer Park for hosting and very well sung our choir.

    Sorry folks - no photos!

Andy Atherton June 2018

April 2018

    Annual Dinner at The Falcon Hotel, Bode. Sat 21 April 2018

    The wintry weather of March almost ‘did for’ our annual dinner celebration, but thanks to some nifty legwork by Derek Gale the meal was rearranged for this evening in April.  The Falcon Hotel has been refurbished and modernised and provides a charming setting for our gathering, held in the hotel’s atmospheric carriage room. The evening was cheerful, relaxed, and the hotel staff served  marvelous food, with a smile.

    It was fantastic to have with us the wives of members past, Christine Higgins and June Shepherd-Blandy, accompanied by (no pun intended) our sometime accompanist Stella Draycott.  We hope each of you enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.

    With the meal over Chairman Derek Gale gave a short hearty speech, with special mentions and thank you to all whose efforts help to keep the choir running.  There was an especial thank you and presentations to our M.D. Malcolm Pike and wife Jill.  Malcolm has worked hard to raise the standards of our choir, thank you Malcolm. Best attendance award was won by Derek Gale

    During dinner Roger Andrews organised a raffle and red or black competition to raise £100 for the choir.  Bob and Alelcina Ridout won a bottle of Malt Whiskey in the raffle and then offered it for auction; the proceeds of £50 went to the NDDH cancer unit, nice thought thank you Bob.  This was a most pleasant and enjoyable evening, so now we look forward to the year ahead.

    P1030727_4x3  P1030716_4x3  P1030725_4x3
                  June, Derek & Margaret                   Stella, Christine, Lorna and June         Michael & Janet Elliott, new member


Andy Atherton April 2018

February 2018

    AGM at Woolsery Hall, Wed 07 Feb 2018 - 08:00 pm

    Choir Annual General Meeting, 07 Feb 2018,  08:00 pm

    The Choir held its AGM in the Woolsery community hall, minutes to the previous AGM were read and accepted.  Our elected officials for the coming year 2018/19 year are listed below.

    Committee Members
    - Chairman - Derek Gale
    - Treasurer - Derek Gale
    - Secretary - Gordon Mills
    - Concert Manager – Roger Andrews
    - 1st Tenor S. L. - Jim Wood
    - 2nd Tenor S.L. – Chris Wrigley
    - 1st Bass S.L. - Bob Ridout/John Stotesbury
    - 2nd Bass S.L. - Fred Poole

    - Accompanist - Philip Price
    - Almoner/Social Steward    -    Roger Andrews/Bob Ridout
    - Archivist - Roger Andrews
    - Assistant Treasurer – Bob Hopkins
    - Charities Recorder - Chris Wrigley
    - Deputy M. D. - vacant
    - Gift Aid Co-ordinator - Jim Wood
    - Librarian - Jim Ashman
    - Music Director - Malcolm Pike
    - Press Secretary - John Stotesbury
    - Web Master - Andy Atherton

    The meeting closed at 09:15 pm