December 2018

    Concert at Deer Park, Holsworthy, Saturday 24th November 2018 - start 02:40 pm

    What a warm welcome, both figuratively and really, we had at Deer Park this afternoon. Their Christmas Fete was well attended and both residents and visitors came to the concert. Shirleyann Andrews conducted and Philip Price accompanied (and turned his own pages). We started with Chattanooga Choo Choo with sound effects expertly done by Andy Atherton. Our second song was Homeward Bound with flute accompaniment by Shirleyann Andrews. The Policeman’s Lot by Gilbert and Sullivan was sung very expressively and after the concert a group in the audience said how particularly they had enjoyed it. Several people joined in the chorus of the Mermaid and then we sang our old favourite Glorious Devon. Although it is still November we finished the first half with Away in A Manger. After the interval during which we were supplied with refreshments and mulled wine, we sang I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside and most of the audience joined in the choruses. This was followed by Bring Back the Beguine, What Would I do Without my Music and Flash Bang Wallop. We finished our entertainment with another nod to Christmas by singing Silent Night. The choir was very pleased to sing happy birthday to David a resident, and then to visit Clifford in his room and sing Away in a Manger. Thank you to all at Deer Park for making us so welcome.   

                                               P1030843 4x3
                                         The choir at Deer Park,  MD Shirleyann Andrews

    Shirleyann Andrews December 2018

October 2018

    Joint concert Hartland Town Band in Hartland Village Hall (RNLI) - Sun 19 Oct 2018 start 07:30 pm

    It is heartening when local folk come to support local fund raising events.  This evening was a outstanding example of people giving their best by singing, playing and supporting the Torridge Male Voice Choir and The Hartland Town Band at the annual concert, organised by Vivien Foster, to support the R.N.L.I.

    At the opening Viv told the true story of a very tricky ‘shout’ on 9th October, dangerous, life threatening and with a successful outcome.  This story emphasised how vital and important the volunteer lifeboat service is.

    The evening started with five tunes from the Band, beginning with a march ‘Atlantic Quest’, then from the film Lord Of The Rings ‘In Dreams’, Blaydon Races, The Waltzing Cat (Leroy Anderson) and to finish an American medley called ‘Hootenanny’.  For the second set our Choir followed, with ‘Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho’,  ‘Ain’t Misbehanin’ (Fats Waller/Andy Razaf) and ‘The Poacher’.  A short respite for the choir while Shirleyann Andrews (Flute) and Philip Price (Piano) played the Theme from Scheherazade, allegretto, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.  Then, onward for the last three songs of this set, ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’, ‘The Policeman’s Lot’ and ‘I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside’

    At the interval Viv with her team served refreshments while  audience and players mingled to chat and gossip. Later, the Band lead into the second half with four tunes, a march ‘Bolsover Castle’, ‘Heartland’, ‘Deep Harmony’ and to finish a medley from ‘The Sound of Music’.  The fourth and final set of the evening was from the Torridge choir.  Six songs commencing  with ‘Drunken Sailor’, ‘Moscow Nights’ and then ‘Country Gardens’.  A short respite while Shirleyann Andrews gave a hilarious rendition of prose written by Richard Stilgoe – ‘The Surgeon’.  Then,  onward to the close with ‘Glorious Devon’. ‘In Flanders Fields’,  and ‘Flash Bang Wallop’.

    Vivien Foster drew the raffle and thanked everyone for supporting the R.N.L.I. Then in tribute to the R.N.L.I and all those who go to sea, band, choir and audience stood to sing ‘Eternal Father Strong To Save’.
    How enjoyable and successful this evening was, it is a privilege to support and raise money for this deserving charity. We look forward to singing again at this event next year!

    P1030834 4x3 P10308314x3 P1030835 4x3
    Malcolm Pike MD, with other members of Torridge Male Voice Choir            Hartland Village Hall - the interval

    Andy Atherton October 2018

September 2018

    Concert with Sounds of Song, St Mary’s Church, Fishponds.  Sat 8th Sept 2018 - start 07:30 pm

    This was the Torridge Male Voice Choir weekend trip away, from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September 2018.  Some choir members made their own way to Bristol but the majority travelled by Filers coach driven by star driver Amanda.   The journey to the Premier Inn, Haymarket Bristol commenced on Friday morning which meant there was Friday afternoon evening and most of Saturday available to explore the city.

    On the evening of Saturday 8th September choir and partners boarded the coach for a short journey to St Mary’s Church, Fishponds.  Here we were met by the Rev Lizzie Kesteven and members of ‘Sounds of Song’ who offered us a light tea refreshment.  The evening progressed and more choir members arrived until around about 06:30 pm both choirs joined to rehearse the final song ‘Morte Criste’.

    Sounds of Song is a Bristol choir for female voices, formed in 1994 the choir raises money for worthy charitable causes.  The charity nominated for this concert is Mindsong a music for dementia charity. Their Musical Director is Jo Scullin and accompanist is Rupert Hutchings.  A good sized audience filled the church and promptly at 07:30 pm Sounds of Songs opened the concert with four numbers, beautifully sung.

    • For the Beauty of the Earth (Rutter)
    • I Know Where I’m Goin’ (arr. Nancy Grundahl)
    • Build Me Up, Buttercup (McCauley/D’Abo arr. Mac Huff)
    • Medley from Fiddler on the Roof (Arr for SoS J Bock & S Harnick)
      • Far from the home I love
      • Sunrise, Sunset
      • If I Were a Rich Man

    Moving quickly on to the second set, Torridge Male Voice Choir stepped onto the stage.  Our Music Director is Malcolm Pike and our accompanist, Philip Price, assisted by Shirleyann Andrews.  The men opened with a well known jazz number written by Harry Warren, Chattanooga Choo Choo, this was followed by Glory to Thee My God (Thomas Tallis) and Country Garden (English traditional).  Next was a flute and piano duet delivered by Shirleyann Andrews (Flute) and Philip Price, the tune, Salute d’Amour by Edward Elgar.  To complete the second set, leading into an interval the Torridge choir sang Bring Back the Beguine (Alan Simmons), Homeward Bound (Marta Keen) and I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (John Glover-Kind)

    The interval provided light refreshment and a chance to meet and chat with our hosts.  Then the concert continued.  Torridge Male Voice Choir returned to the stage and with Malcolm conducting we sang;

    • Joshua fit de Battle (African/American spiritual)
    • Battle Hymn of the Republic (Traditional American)
    • Rhythm of Life (Cy Coleman)

    A short respite from singing while Shirleyann & Roger Andrews delivered a telling recitation called Army Wife (Richard Stilgoe), then onward for our last three songs;

    • When the Saints (19th century hymn)
    • John Condon (Laird, Starrett & McCrory)
    • Flash Bang Wallop (David Heneker)

    Time now for the final set.  Sounds of Song returned and with Jo energetically conducting the ladies sang;

    • Gypsies chorus (Carmen) (Georges Bizet arr. Arch)
    • What a Wonderful World (Weiss/Douglas)
    • Seal Lullaby (E. Whitacre)
    • Hallelujah (Cohen, arr. Emerson)
    • All That Jazz ((Ebb /Kander arr. Shaw)

    Bringing this wonderful evening to a close the choirs combined under the baton of Malcolm Pike, accompanied by Rupert Hutchings to sing the popular and emotional Morte Criste, (Isaac Watts/Emrys Jones).   Such a pleasant evening enjoyed by everyone.  Well sung our choirs and thank you St Mary’s Church, Fishponds for hosting the concert.

    P1030815 4x3 P1030818 4x3 P1030824 4x3
         The joint choirs at practice               Waiting for the concert               Sounds of Song in concert

Andy Atherton September 2018

August 2018

    Concert at Bodmeyrick care home, Holsworthy. Thurs 9th Aug 2018 - Start 02:00 pm

    Thursday 9th August and the Torridge Choir made a first visit to Bodmeyrick Care Home (sister home to Deer Park) to provide light hearted entertainment.  On this afternoon our MD was Shirleyann Andrews, and our accompanist on piano was Philip Price.   Before the concert, singers gathered at Honey Cottage, Bradworthy for rehearsal and to practice the supporting chorus for two songs to be sung by Alastair Ashworth (Guitar).
    The concert opened with a rousing version of ‘My Old Man’s A Dustman’ sung to guitar by Alastair Ashworth.  This was followed swiftly by four more traditional male voice choir songs, ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’, ‘I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’, ‘Country Gardens’ and ‘Joshua (Fit The Battle of Jericho)’.  Next up Shirleyann played solo on flute ‘Smoke gets In Your Eyes’, Jerome Kern (1933).
    Moving swiftly on the choir sang three songs ‘Glorious Devon’, ‘A Policeman’s Lot’ and ‘The Mermaid’.  Shirleyann then returned with a flute solo, ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, Dorothy Fields and Jerome Kern (1936).  Finally to bring the concert to a close the choir sang three numbers, ‘Waltzing Matilda’ with Alastair on guitar, ‘Flash Bang Wallop’ and ‘Drunken Sailor’. A delightful afternoon of entertainment enjoyed by everyone; thank you Bodmeyrick for hosting us and very well sung our choir.

    Sorry, no photos Ed.

Andy Atherton August 2018

July 2018

    Joint concert with Hartland Town Band, St Nectan’s Church. Thu 19th Jul 2018 - Start 07:30 pm

    July 2018, doesn’t time pass quickly by?  It is a  year since the Torridge Male Voice Choir and Hartland Town Band last joined together for a concert in St Nectan’s Church, Stoke, part of Hartland’s annual summer festival of music.  ‘Arrive early’ we were requested, it was necessary to rehearse the joint finale ‘When the Saints’.  Well, the need to rehearse, we got that right! The first attempt was messy,  I was reminded of that old Devon favourite ‘When Mother & Me Joined In’ sung by Tony Beard. Anyway, it was much better second time through.

    There were many in the audience, Andrew Macwilliam welcomed us all to the concert and asked John Thompson (MD) and the Hartland Town Band to open the show.  In the first set they played four tunes:

    *  Royal Air Force March by Walford Davies     *  Girl In Satin by Leroy Anderson
    *  One from ‘Chorus Line’ by Marvin Hamlisch  * Greatest War Themes – a medley of tunes

    For the second set, with Malcolm Pike conducting and Philip Price accompanying the Torridge men sang three songs:

    *  Chattanooga Choo Choo, Harry Warren & Mack Gordon. *  Glory to Thee, Canon,  Tomas Tallis
    *  Country Gardens, Percy Granger.

    Then a short instrumental interlude while Shirleyann Andrews (Flute) and Philip Price (Piano) playing ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ by Jerome Kern.  Following on and leading towards the interval the men continued to sing three songs:

    *  Bring Back The Beguine, Alan Simmons.  *  Homeward Bound, Marta Keen
    *  Rhythm of Life, Cy Coleman

    At the interval there was a much attention paid to the back of the church, people meeting friends, mingling and chatting over a glass of wine and nibbles.

    Hartland Town Band opened the second half with a third set of four glorious pieces of music:

    *  The Magnificent Seven, Elmer Bernstein.          *  Erin Shore, traditional Irish lament. (really lovely Ed.)
    *  Garriel’s Oboe, The Mission, Ennio Morricone  *  Robbie Williams big band showpiece medley.

    For the fourth and final set Hartland Band left the stage open for the Torridge men to sing three songs.

    *  Morte Criste, Emrys Jones                                 * Scarborough Fair, traditional folk song
    *  The Stateley Homes of England, Noel Coward.  (Soloists Poole, Atherton,  Ashworth and Wood).

    A short interlude while Shirleyann Andrews recited a poem by Richard Stilgoe, Joyce the Librarian.  Then the choir sang their final three songs.

    *  The Mermaid, traditional shanty                        * John Condon, WW1 folk, by Laird, Starret & McCrory.
    *  Flash Bang Wallop, by David Heneker.

    To conclude the concert  band and choir came together to play and sing, ‘When The Saints Come Marchin’ In’ to such wild acclaim that at the behest of Andrew MacWilliam and our audience a reprise was demanded.  This evening was simply lovely and a delight to be there. Congratulations to our organisers and thank you choir and band.        

      P1030785 4x3 P1030793 4x3  P1030787 4x3   Torridge MVC before the concert  Something at the back everyone wants  Hartland Town Band await the start

Andy Atherton July 2018

    Joint concert Barnstaple Ladies Choir, Bideford Methodist Church. Sat 14th Jul 2018 - Start 07:00 pm

    Saturday 14th July 2018 and it is yet another warm summer evening.  The Torridge Male voice choir and Barnstaple Ladies Choir assembled at Bideford Methodist Church for a joint concert, the donated proceeds to go to Devon Air Ambulance.  It was important to arrive early so the two choirs could rehearse a joint finale. Straightaway on the intro we discovered the importance of practice! The two choirs were directed by Malcolm Pike (TMVC) and Mary Chant (BLC).  A brief introduction from the Minister then Malcolm was invited to begin the concert.  Accompanied by Philip Price on piano and Shirleyann Andrews on flute, the first set consisted of six songs and an acoustic trio.

    • Chattanooga Choo Choo,
    • Glory to Thee
    • Country Gardens.
    • Piano Trio by Franz Joseph Haydn:   Flute Shirleyann Andrews,  Cello Philip Price and piano Malcolm Pike.
    • The Little White Town
    • Homeward Bound
    • When the Saints Go Marching In

    Now was the turn of Mary Chant and the Barnstaple Ladies Choir.  Accompanied on piano by Jackie Ellmore the ladies dressed smartly in colours of red and black adorned with Barnstaple mayoral broaches worn around the neck, the ladies beautifully sang four songs and a solo.

    • As Long As I Have Music
    • Impossible Dream
    • Somewhere Over The Rainbow  - sung solo by Lucinda Horrell
    • Look At The World
    • Phantom of the Opera medley

    A short interval for refreshment and it was time for the Torridge Male Voice Choir to recommence the second part of the concert with six songs and a recitation from Shirleyann Andrews.

    • Morte Criste
    • What Would I Do Without My Music
    • The Stately Homes of England
    • Recitation from Shirleyann Andrews – ‘Yes I’ll Marry You My Dear’, by  Pam Ayres.
    • The Mermaid
    • Flash Bang Wallop

    Next was the last set for the evening, Barnstaple Ladies Choir returned to the stage with three songs, a recitation and a spellbinding solo from Mary Chant.

    • The Lord Is My Shepherd (Arr: Jackie Ellmore)
    • Get Happy
    • Summertime – sung solo by Mary Chant
    • Recitation from Lynne Beer  – ‘The Clothes Line’ by Marilyn K. Walker
    • Les Miserables medley

    To end this wonderful evening, the choirs combined under the baton of Malcolm Pike, accompanied by Jackie Ellmore and sang a favourite of choirs everywhere, ‘The Rhythm of Life.  Such a  charming evening so much enjoyed by everyone.  Well sung the choirs and thank you the lovely Bideford Methodist  Church for hosting.

    DP015_4x3  DP024_4x3 soloist b choir_4x3
         Torridge Male Voice Choir          Torridge lads with Barnstaple Ladies  Lucinda’s solo for Barnstaple Ladies

Andy Atherton July 2018

June 2018

    Concert at Chilsworthy Village Hall.  Sat 30th Jun 2018 - Start 07:30 pm

    The balmy summer evening of Saturday 30th June 2018 witnessed the Torridge Male voice choir travelling to Chilsworthy village hall to entertain at a retirement party for Dan Probert’s boss.  A small stage was available, but one look at how narrow it was and we decided to keep our feet firmly on the floor.  The lads were hidden out of sight until our celebrity guest was welcomed into the hall.  Then, straight away the choir assembled and with MD Malcolm Pike playing piano the Torridge lads delivered a short entertainment session.

               •Chattanooga Choo Choo,
               •Country Gardens.
               •Military Wife (Monologue - Shirleyann & Roger Andrews)
               •John Condon
               •Trevor and the plastic Stacker Chair. (Monologue - Shirleyann & Roger Andrews)
               •Flash Bang Wallop

    When this set was complete the choir left the hall, swiftly moving on to The Bradworthy Arms for refreshment and to sing a few more songs outside in the lovely summer sunshine.  This was a well received show, short,  crisp and enjoyed by everyone.  Thank you Dan for arranging this show.

                                                            TMVC line up for the Chilsworthy concert

Andy Atherton June 2018

    Joint concert Bradworthy Academy School, Bradworthy Church. Fri 15th Jun 2018 -  Start 07:30 pm

    When I looked back in my records, I could scarce believe that it was in December 2013 that the Torridge choir sang last in Bradworthy church.  Coming back to the here and now of June 2018, it was a lovely bright warm early summer evening, our choir, children of Bradworthy Academy School and a large audience assembled in St John the Baptist church for a concert.  The church bells were rung and on the ropes were three of our choir Fred Poole, Richard Boughton and Malcolm Pike.
    This concert was collaboration between The Torridge Male voice choir and Bradworthy Academy School and, after a brief welcome from the vicar Richard Freeman (TMVC Bass), the baton was passed to our MD Malcolm Pike.  The Torridge first set consisted of three songs and a musical interlude.

      •Chattanooga Choo Choo,
      •Glory to Thee
      •Country Gardens.
      •Quartet:   Franz Joseph Haydn, Trio No: 1 in C Major ‘London’ - Allegro.  Flute Shirleyann Andrews, Viola Josephine Woodcock, Cello Philip Price and piano Malcolm PIke.

    Now, it was the turn of the children from Bradworthy Academy School, there were many of them and all turned out beautifully dressed in uniform. For this set the children sang three songs and didn’t they sing well!

      •How Far I'll Go (Film Moana 2016)
      •Seasons of Love  (Film Rent 1996)
      •Forever Young (ob Dylan 1974)

    Moving on The Torridge came back for a second set of three songs, leading on to an interval and a keenly awaited raffle.

      •Glorious Devon
      • Homeward Bound,
      • Rhythm of Life

    Break over and time for set three from the Torridge choir.  Three songs and a short recitation from Shirleyann and Roger Andrews about marriage and love!

      •Morte Criste, 
      •What Would I Do Without My Music
      •The Stately Homes of England
      •Recitation from Shirleyann & Roger

    Next it was the Bradworthy Academy children to sing their second set of two lovely songs.  At the end the Torridge choir and audience all stood to deliver thunderous applause, simply wonderful.

      •When I Grow Up (Show Matilda 2011)
      •This is Me  (Film The Greatest Showman 2017)

    The concert ended in humorous mood after the Torridge men delivered two rousing renditions, so much enjoyed by our audience.

      •Flash Bang Wallop

    What a delightful evening of entertainment, so much enjoyed by everyone.  Well sung the choirs and thank you St John the Baptist Church for hosting this concert, the Torridge Choir hope to return again soon.   Time for a cup of tea, or something stronger and a chat with friends.

      P1030741 4x3 P1030770 4x3 P1030772 4x3
          Our audience gathers                 Some Torridge choir members           Bradworthy Academy School

Andy Atherton June 2018

    Concert at Deer Park Nursing home, Holsworthy, Thu 07th Jun 2018 - start 03:15 pm

    Thursday 7th June 2018, almost a year to the day and the Torridge choir returned to Deer Park in Holsworthy to deliver another afternoon of entertainment for the residents.  Malcolm Pike our Music Director has worked hard to rehearse the choir, and this concert is the first of 2018.  We started slightly later than usual to allow Dan Probert time to finish his work then travel to Holsworthy, a great cheer went up as he arrived.

    The concert opened with evergreen favourite Chattanooga Choo Choo, followed swiftly by Glory to Thee and Country Gardens.  There followed a break from singing while the trio of Shirleyann Andrews, Philip Price and Malcolm Pike played a Flute/Cello/Keyboard piece by Franz Joseph Haydn, Trio No: 1 in C Major ‘London’ - Allegro.  Moving on, towards a short break the choir sang Homeward Bound, Rhythm of Life.  Break over and the next song was the well known Morte Criste, followed by The Stately Homes of England and You Raise Me Up.  Our concert ended in lighter mood with an amusing and rousing rendition of Flash Bang Wallop.

    This was a lovely afternoon’s entertainment, so much enjoyed by everyone; thank you Deer Park for hosting and very well sung our choir.

    Sorry folks - no photos!

Andy Atherton June 2018

April 2018

    Annual Dinner at The Falcon Hotel, Bode. Sat 21 April 2018

    The wintry weather of March almost ‘did for’ our annual dinner celebration, but thanks to some nifty legwork by Derek Gale the meal was rearranged for this evening in April.  The Falcon Hotel has been refurbished and modernised and provides a charming setting for our gathering, held in the hotel’s atmospheric carriage room. The evening was cheerful, relaxed, and the hotel staff served  marvelous food, with a smile.

    It was fantastic to have with us the wives of members past, Christine Higgins and June Shepherd-Blandy, accompanied by (no pun intended) our sometime accompanist Stella Draycott.  We hope each of you enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.

    With the meal over Chairman Derek Gale gave a short hearty speech, with special mentions and thank you to all whose efforts help to keep the choir running.  There was an especial thank you and presentations to our M.D. Malcolm Pike and wife Jill.  Malcolm has worked hard to raise the standards of our choir, thank you Malcolm. Best attendance award was won by Derek Gale

    During dinner Roger Andrews organised a raffle and red or black competition to raise £100 for the choir.  Bob and Alelcina Ridout won a bottle of Malt Whiskey in the raffle and then offered it for auction; the proceeds of £50 went to the NDDH cancer unit, nice thought thank you Bob.  This was a most pleasant and enjoyable evening, so now we look forward to the year ahead.

        P1030727_4x3 P1030716_4x3 P1030725_4x3
               June, Derek & Margaret           Stella, Christine, Lorna and June   Michael & Janet Elliott, new member


Andy Atherton April 2018

February 2018

    AGM at Woolsery Hall, Wed 07 Feb 2018 - 08:00 pm

    Choir Annual General Meeting, 07 Feb 2018,  08:00 pm

    The Choir held its AGM in the Woolsery community hall, minutes to the previous AGM were read and accepted.  Our elected officials for the coming year 2018/19 year are listed below.

    Committee Members
    - Chairman - Derek Gale
    - Treasurer - Derek Gale
    - Secretary - Gordon Mills
    - Concert Manager – Roger Andrews
    - 1st Tenor S. L. - Jim Wood
    - 2nd Tenor S.L. – Chris Wrigley
    - 1st Bass S.L. - Bob Ridout/John Stotesbury
    - 2nd Bass S.L. - Fred Poole

    - Accompanist - Philip Price
    - Almoner/Social Steward    -    Roger Andrews/Bob Ridout
    - Archivist - Roger Andrews
    - Assistant Treasurer – Bob Hopkins
    - Charities Recorder - Chris Wrigley
    - Deputy M. D. - vacant
    - Gift Aid Co-ordinator - Jim Wood
    - Librarian - Jim Ashman
    - Music Director - Malcolm Pike
    - Press Secretary - John Stotesbury
    - Web Master - Andy Atherton

    The meeting closed at 09:15 pm

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