Here are answers to popular questions about our Choir. If you cannot find the answer you need please write, telephone or email the appropriate person whose details are given on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

What is the present membership of Torridge Male Voice Choir?
The Choir has 30+ active members.

What does it cost to become a member of the Choir?
Annual membership £60 per year. One off payments of £25 and £13 for the Choir Jacket and Tie.

Where and how often do you meet for rehearsal?
At Woolsery Community Centre, every Wednesday evening between 7:45 & 9:30 p.m.

Does the Choir sing with the four traditional male voice parts?
The Choir sings music with four male voice parts, 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Baritone and Bass.

Where does Torridge Male Voice Choir perform concerts?
As our name suggests, the Choir sings in the Torridge area around North Devon and extending into North Cornwall. Concerts are also given further afield at selected venues.

How many concerts may the Choir perform in any one year?
There may be up to 30 concerts in any one year, although frequency and number is variable.

Who is eligible to join Torridge Male Voice Choir?
The Choir is open to men of all ages, we particularly wish to encourage younger men.

Does the Choir sing in competitions?
At the present time we do not sing in competitions.

I do not know what kind of voice I have for singing, does that matter?
Not at all. Come to a rehearsal, we will help you decide the range that best suits you.

I do not think I have a very good voice, others have told me so, does this matter?
Whether or not you have a strong and powerful voice, it matters not. The beautiful sound made by a male voice choir happens only when many voices sing together in harmony. With regular use your voice and vocal range will improve.

What is the social life in Torridge Male Voice Choir?
We encourage wives and partners to support and accompany us to concerts. There is an annual family dinner and each year the Choir has a weekend away at a pleasant location to relax and sing at a concert.

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